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One last hurrah

Four months of travel can take it out of you. Hot crowded buses, strange food, time changes, staying up late, getting up early, hot guest houses, bug bites, etc., seem to wear you out, no matter how beautiful the sites are. Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation. So we decided to fly back down to southern Thailand and spend a few days soaking up some sun and drinking tropical drinks. After a little bit of internet research, we discovered a sweet Sheraton that was just screaming to us to come visit. So we ended up in the small beach town of Khao Lak at Le Meridian Resort for 4 nights, which turned into 5 nights.


"As expected from a 5-star resort" we were greeted with refreshing lemongrass towels and tea upon arrival. The place was beautiful, all it was missing was a friendly little elephant to swim with in the afternoons, but you can't have it all.






Our days consisted of lounging on the beach, lounging in the pool, and lounging in our room when there were afternoon showers. Questions such as "Do you want to go to the big pool or the pool with the water jets?" or "Should we lay in the hammock under the palm tree or on the sundeck in the Andaman Sea?" became commonplace.




Every evening, we would enjoy a drink outside on the beach while watching a spectacularly colorful sunset.






This resort had all sorts of activities to keep you busy, if sitting in a beach chair reading a book wasn't enough to entertain you. So we took advantage of this and did some kayaking, windsurfing, beach volleyball, and hobiecatting.



It was a beautiful end to a wonderful trip. We knew that in a few short days we would be looking down on the Pacific Ocean on our way back to familiar lands. We were of course looking forward to going home to see family and friends, but while watching the sunset with the warm breezes sweeping off of the sea, it made it just a little bit harder to leave. There is no such thing as a vacation that doesn't end and we know how fortunate we are to have been able to extend it for this long. What we've learned and will take back home with us from this trip is going to be the best souvenir of all.


Until next time....

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i feel like my vacation is ending! Your emails took me away from my grey cubicle walls and smoggy new york air--now what will i look foward to?! Have a safe trip back and hopefully i'll see you soon!

by corindo530

I'm sorry our vacation is coming to an end. Just think, soon you will be mowing your lawn in that hot, humid 95 degree weather, doing your laundry, cleaning your house, cooking your own meals ...... hey just like the rest of us!! But atleast we will all share the memories. Can't wait to see you.

by Fishbone

Wow! What a wonderful trip! We enjoyed every update and the beautiful pictures as well. Thanks for your wonderful blog and for including us as recipients... we feel we know the territory better now ourselves. I wonder if the Sheraton chain gives discounts to retired teachers. Oh, well... the Florida lottery is up to 86 mill now; maybe this will be my lucky week and Tom and I can visit some of those exotic sights ourselves.
See you soon in Gainesville!
Have a safe return,
Linda and Tom

by ringwoot

Great ending to a beautiful trip!
The photos and your narratives have been Stupendous !!!!
I think it is my turn. Costa Rica next month?
Looking forward to seeing you both!

by UBe

You all speak as if we are going to stop "blogging". Will you not be interested our daily lives when we return to FLorida? I see some amazing sunrises on my morning commute and the afternoon traffic jams will make for some great photo opportunities. Stay tuned...

by rebmamber

الهولنديون يعيدون النظر في قيم الاسل

by flowwithme

That place is totally awesome.

Coming back to school (at least to say hello)? I could do without klimek's wacked out haircuts and extra thick glasses for a while :).

by TimAndes

as im sure now the fun is over most have stopped checking in on el blog i would like to know how life in florida is and life doesnt stop now and neither should this blog

by iwannafly

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