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Luang Prabang



The road to Luang Prabang used to be considered unsafe, due to rebel activities, however, it has been over three years since the last bus was hijacked and a few tourists killed. Plus, the road is now heavily patrolled by machine gun-touting Laos Army men. Now, the only risk one can expect on this stretch of highway is loosing their lunch, as the road is ridiculously curvy, but luckily for us (kind of), our driver averaged a snail’s pace of 30 km/hr (~20 mph), so we just ended up with sore butts and a two hour longer than expected bus ride. However, who can really complain when the scenery is this beautiful!




Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is a UNESCO World Heritage site selected for it's outstanding traditional architecture, still intact, which is rare in SE Asia with all the wars and bombs that have been dropped over the decades.

The town is exceptionally charming with brick-lined footpaths that criss-cross small alleyways. It is located on the banks of the Mekong River and we got to see some nice sunsets over the waters of the mighty Mekong (although it's pretty low now during the dry season).






There are over 30 temples in the small town and everywhere you turn novice monks are crossing the street or inviting you into their temple in order to practice their English. Luang Prabang strongly upholds the tradition of giving daily alms to the monks and every morning at 6:30 am, people line the streets to hand rice, fruit, etc to passing by monks. Amber managed to get out of bed for this, not only to take some photos, but also to participate.



gold buddha.JPG






While in Laos, we have accepted the slow-paced attitude and decided to go with the "less is more" mentality, so we ended up spending 5 nights in Luang Prabang. Some people we met said, "What are you going to do in Luang Prabang for 5 days?", well, we ended up filling the time easily with walks around the town, many stops in cafés and temples, and a couple of really good massages. There are also some great markets where you can pass your time (and money).

riverside restaurant.JPG



veggie food.JPG
A great vegetarian buffet, you could fill your plate for 50 cents! We enjoyed this place several nights!

We hooked up with a few other travelers one day and headed to a beautiful waterfalls, Kwang Sy, about an hour outside of town, where we killed a day hiking to the different falls and swimming in several pools (well Amber didn't venture in the crisp water, but I couldn't resist).

amber waterfall.JPG


justin waterfall.JPG

The waterfall even had a tiger onsite. We had heard of sites in Asia where they use animals as mere tourist attractions, and have seen a few, but we were very pleasantly surprised to find "Phet" in a huge "natural" caged area, complete with a small creek and many large trees. Apparently she had been rescued from poachers when she was a baby and has been taken care of ever since. We were there for feeding time, where Amber got to pet Phet, while she chowed on some buffalo meat.


pet tiger.JPG

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I can't believe Amber ate buffalo meat! Hope to see you guys soon!

by Valevapor

I have always wanted to pet a tiger!!
Love, Mom

by sbj

Sweet town!
Lets open one of those riverside restaurants!
Ok, are you converting to Buddhism?
I really dig those great falls!
Keep smilin!

by UBe

The pic with the huge tree behind the fruit stand or whatever is awesome. That waterfall is really cool too

by TimAndes

What a way to hang…….
Chillin wit the monk youth gang
Checkin for the yin and yang
Havin a bang in Luang Prabang

by UBe

We know it was the tiger who ate the buffalo meat ~ not you Amber! Thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful experiences with us. B & N

by caboose784

tell those monks thankyou for all their blessings. we're going to the championship game monday baby!!! speaking of tigers, lsu is getting their butts kicked! I love you both doing what you've been doing, becuase the gators are having one of their best years ever since you two clowns have been out of the country!!

by champkong

le' go gator boys!

as for you a/j, why dont you extend the trip. as long as you got the time, you got the money

by iwannafly


by flowwithme


UCLA was chewed up by our beloved lizards.

Noah and Humphrey both scored, 16 points in last night's vicotory in Indy.

Florida is now one of only seven schools to win both the national football and men's basketball championship. And the first in the State of Florida.

Go Gators, National Champions.

Take care,


by MadCaptJim

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