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SE Coast of Vietnam

Mui Né and Nha Trang


After a short visit in Saigon, we had to leave in order to be able to catch a glimpse of a couple of spots along the coast. We hopped on a 5-hour bus journey to a little beach town called Mui Né. There really is only one road in this town with resorts on the beachside and restaurants, bars and resorts on the other. Since we love the beach so much, we opted to pay $5 extra ($15) to get a nice room in a hotel on the beachside, where you could hear the waves crashing from your doorstep! Unfortunately, the water was a bit rough (and cold), so we just enjoyed the nice weather on the beach. This is apparently a huge spot for windsurfers and kite surfers since the intense wind and sunny skies are fairly consistent here.

muine beach.JPG


beach chairs.JPG

muine sunset.JPG

The following day, we hired a motorbike to check out some of the local scenery. Some of the major attractions are a couple different sand dunes in the area. We didn't associate Vietnam with dry land and sand dunes, but much of the scenery around here looked like it was straight out of the desert (but with a couple of palm trees sprinkled in).

muine kids.JPG
A couple of kids off to school.

muine road.JPG

dirt road.JPG

We headed first the White Sand Dunes, which were about 35 km from town. We took a beautiful coastal road to get here, and the best thing about it is that there was hardly anyone else on it.

open road.JPG


road block.JPG

red canyons.JPG
Some red canyon views along the road.

We arrived at the White Sand Dunes, and since neither of us like to get up too early (especially me, Amber), we managed to get there in the middle of the day. Thinking back, it was probably not the best idea to visit a large expanse of sand where you have to climb up steep, sandy hills in the heat of the day, but it was very nice nonetheless.

white dunes1.JPG

white dunes2.JPG

white dunes amber.JPG

white dunes us.JPG

On our way back, we passed by a nearby fishing village with beautiful boats docked together in the water. There are boats that are used here which are completely round! When we stopped for photos, a couple of schoolgirls on their way home were interested in us. I let them take a look at the boats through my telephoto lens, and then they asked if we could get our picture together!

fishing village1.JPG

fishing village2.JPG

school girls1.JPG

school girls2.JPG

fishing village3.JPG

We made it to the Red Sand Dunes right before sunset. On the way in, we were attacked to buy a barrage of "sand-slide salesmen", this one using a new technique which we hadn't seen before!

buy my slide!.JPG

red dunes.JPG

red dunes2.JPG

red dunes3.JPG

amber with puppies.JPG
It was great to eat our last meal at a nice restaurant on the beach with these guys running around your feet!

The next day, we hopped on another bus up to the town of Nha Trang. This town was definitely bigger than the last with a lot more to do, however, the first night, we hit a spout of rain which quieted the town down to a whisper.

rice fields.JPG

rice fields2.JPG

nha trang.JPG
Nha Trang in a fog.

The next day was sprinkling on and off, so we just putted around the city. We went to an art gallery for a Vietnamese photographer, Long Thanh. It was quite a spectacular exhibit and we got to meet and speak with Thanh, himself. Check out the “Galleries” at http://www.elephantguide.com/longthanh/home.htm

On our way back to our hotel, we ran across another Bia Hoi establishment. As it was the middle of the day and hot out, we thought it would be a good idea to pop in and have one liter between us both. However, we ended up getting invited to sit with a group of Vietnamese photographers who felt it was their personal obligation to be goodwill ambassadors for their country. Many beers and interesting food bites later, we were a little past our initial one liter! The Vietnamese will not take "No, thank you", or "Cam on, kom" for an answer!

nha bia hoi.JPG

After this, we thought it would be best to relax and enjoy a cup of the amazing Vietnamese coffee - it's nice and strong - along with some pizza!

viet coffee.JPG

Another adorable kid we met in the market.

Signs of Communism, so cheery, isn't it?

The following day turned out to be less cloudy, so we hopped on a boat cruise around the islands of Nha Trang. The scenery was beautiful, and the tour was quite entertaining, complete with snorkeling (for some), onboard karaoke, (forced) dancing, and a floating wine bar.

nha trang mountains.JPG

cold water.JPG
Justin's reaction to the cold water.

boat band.JPG

Our French singing tour guide belting it out.

boat dancing.JPG

floating bar.JPG

sea urchin soup.JPG
Preparing sea urchin soup.

We also stopped at a fishing village where we were able to get a ride in one of those circular boats. Justin gave an attempt at rowing, but he was not as good as the 10-year-old.

nha fishing village.JPG

nha fishing village2.JPG

row boat1.JPG

Justin with Sam & Catherine.

We met the above Aussie girls on our boat, and met up with them later in the evening. We ended up running into a few other people that we had previously met (or seen) in another city. The interesting thing about traveling is if you've met someone for a minute, whenever you see them again, you are best friends - "Hey, I know you!". This turned into quite a late evening, complete with dancing at a backpacker hang out. It was fun since this was the first time we have really done this since we arrived; however, the next morning was not as fun. Luckily, we had booked a 1-hour plane instead of a 12-hour bus ride, so we were thankful for that!

A slightly strange Swedish expat we met.

red apple.JPG

night out.JPG

night out dancing.JPG

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Nice Beach!
Looks like you are "dune" good !
Hey the beard is looking fine!
Question; How DO you row a round boat?
Answer; Well, you just row it around! Right?

by UBe

Yes, the beard is surely the finest spectacle from this transmission! My li'l sis slamming beers with a bunch of drunk dudes on
the other side of the planet is a close second. Gorgeous pics once again!

by Valevapor

Great pics and commentary, nice beard, if you run into any Scooby Doo casting calls make sure to throw your hat in for the Shaggy role. Now that we've seen Amber's dong...Justin? Sorry I couldn't leave it alone.

by juliebmac

Justin representing PBR in Vietnam!! Yeah baby!! 2 words, ambulance limited. I bought some Tuborg tonight in your honor. I love you guys and "keep on rocking in the free world!"

by champkong

8 degrees north side. was reading this book, inside, warmth. (left bathroom window agape) 50 free downloads. afro beat. word. 600 dollars bank account. 50 more, rent paid. dream: quail hunting, shot something else. have fun, will travel. oh yeah. why everyone posts the same?

by iwannafly


by iwannafly

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